img_0143“Nicky is the best doula I could have wished for, and I firmly believe she is the best doula ANYONE could get, no matter who you are or what your circumstances might be. After a traumatic first birth, I was determined to make things better the second time round, and Nicky helped make this happen. It was a very healing experience. Nicky listened to me, and supported me as a woman and as a mother. Nicky does not need to be told what needs to be done – she will see what needs to be done and she will get on with it. What a tremendous relief to have someone like this to take care of me and our family. After the birth, Nicky was there exactly on time, with warm and loving words of kindness and encouragement when I needed them most. Her emotional intelligence is unsurpassable. And she is a wonderful cook! I have had to get used to life without her. I honestly can’t recommend Nicky enough – everyone needs a Nicky in their life!



Nicola helped me so much as a first time mum, at quite a young age I didn’t really know what to expect from pregnancy and labour. People always bring fear upon new mums sharing their birth stories about how painful and scary labour and birth can be. Nobody tells you the good things, Nicola really helped me to understand what my body was going through and that what I was experiencing was completely normal. I found it so comforting knowing I had Nicola as support and guidance throughout my pregnancy. If I had any worries or questions, I could always call her at any time, day or night and she would be there to reassure me and support me. Not only did she support me, but my partner too.  My labour was such a life changing experience, She made it even more special helping me every step of the way. I wanted a natural water birth and when I doubted myself, and was asking for pain relief, She would reassure me I could carry on without it, Because I didn’t want any pain relief and my daughter was ready to be born. She would help me breathe through the contractions, She made sure I was well hydrated and she helped with back pain by giving me a massage. She supported my partner and helped him to support me and reassured him when he was worried or had any questions about what was happening. Not only did I get the natural birth I wanted, but I got to bring my daughter into the world, by lifting her out myself and placing her on my chest for instant skin to skin contact, and delayed cord clamping. Nicola is still on the other end of the phone if I need any postnatal support, helping me to understand how my hormones are changing and my body too. She has helped me with self-confidence overall, I would highly recommend Nicola to be your doula! I wouldn’t have got through it without her, Thank you for all your help and support xxx



Nicky was a massive source of support and information throughout my pregnancy. She calmed my anxieties and made me feel empowered. After my little girl was born she supported myself, my partner and my children for the first six weeks. We could not have done it without her! By Emma



Nicky has been an integral part of our pregnancy. She talked us through lots of info and answered any questions we had. If she didn’t know the answer straight away she went and researched it for us. She supported my husband as well as myself and really made us feel empowered and proactive about the birth. Nicky truly believes in pregnant women and their birth partners knowing their choices! She continues to be an important support to us post birth and we can’t recommend her doula services enough. Lisa





16933826_10155876382779778_194893360_nI got to know Nicky throughout the course of my pregnancy with my third baby & when my husband & I decided we would like a doula for the birth Nicky was the person I knew I’d like to help us. She was a constant source of information & was always on hand to answer any questions I had, or for help with making my birth plan. When labour started Nicky arrived at our home & was by my side from start to finish – 39hrs of labour & various roadbumps along the way, Nicky was a constant calm voice throughout. Both my husband & I have said since the birth that having Nicky there was priceless & we would recommend anyone considering using the services of a doula to meet Nicky, I’m sure our baby now has a lifelong special bond with her doula ❤


We could not imagine our labour without Nicky. She was the best doula we could have ever wished for. After the first elective C-section, I decided to try natural birth for our second child. We contacted Nicky and from the first meeting we knew that we wanted her to be with us on our journey. Nicky was so warm and kind that we felt as if we had known her for ages. She was a constant source of information throughout my pregnancy and she was helping me to prepare for my first natural birth. She helped me to build confidence in my decision to try VBAC, supported me by providing lots of literature and by referring to her own experiences. My labour started a week earlier when Nicky was in Manchester with her father having a heart operation. We were constantly in contact monitoring my situation and she travelled in the middle of the night to Leeds to be with us on the delivery suite. Nicky was there on time with warm and loving words of kindness and encouragement when I needed them most. She made sure I was well hydrated and she gave me a massage to help with my back pain. She supported me and my husband throughout the labour. We have no words to thank Nicky for being with us and being so positive in this difficult time for her. We recommend her highly!

Anna x



After a traumatic first birth, I approached Nicky to see if she could help improve my experience second time around – it was the best decision I could have made!

Nicky’s antenatal sessions were very informative and tailored to my needs. She was able to answer all my questions and provide a number of useful resources. Nicky also helped me to focus on what was most important to me and to develop a flexible birth plan. In the weeks running up to my delivery she was always available to chat and when I went overdue (again!) her support and encouragement helped me to stay calm and positive.

When the ‘big day’ finally came, Nicky arrived promptly at the hospital and seemed to know exactly what I needed throughout – she provided essential oils to combat nausea, massage to relieve the pain and most importantly, kept me informed throughout so I knew how my labour was progressing and what my body was doing at each stage. Thanks to Nicky, and the lovely midwives at LGI, our little boy arrived quickly but safely in a natural delivery that was so much calmer and more controlled than my first! Nicky stayed with us after the birth to support the initiation of breastfeeding and encourage emotional and physical recovery.

I don’t think I could ever consider childbirth pleasant(!) but with Nicky’s help I really felt that this time around it was as good as it gets!! Most importantly, the lack of birth trauma made my postnatal recovery so much easier and quicker, allowing me and my husband to enjoy time with our gorgeous new baby and his big sister from day one!!

Nicky’s easy going, cheerful personality, extensive knowledge and open-minded views on childbirth, make her an excellent doula and I really can’t recommend her enough! Everyone who is about to give birth needs a doula like Nicky!!

Morwenna Brend, May 2018


My husband felt as prepared as we could be for the birth and considering i was induced it went ok. However having no family around and most of my friends still in London i knew i wanted support for after the birth particularly as my husband was going to be away on business a lot. I contacted nicky and met her 2 weeks before the birth. It was nice to talk to her and i was impressed how she followed up by email on a few points we discussed. She understood immediately what i was after and started coming 3-4 times a week

20180211_151927As soon as we got home with our 3 day old baby Jack. Nicky was a great source of advice and a fantastic support during these amazing first weeks. In the end she came to us for 9 weeks helping with all sorts ranging from feeding the chicken to making me nice smoothies, tidying jack’s room and post partum tummy massages. When i asked her about something she did not know (like using my sling or belly binding) she would go away and look for an answer which I really appreciated. All in all it was a very comforting presence and it really contributed to making this time as magical as possible. I highly recommend Nicky.