Closing the bones massage

Closing the bones is a traditional postnatal massage which has been around for many years all over the world. Not only is it a wonderful and relaxing massage after you have given birth. It can be very healing for a lot of women also. Your body goes through a lot during childbirth, physically and emotionally. Traditionally the massage was done not long after the woman had given birth, in some cultures its days others its weeks. But I think it is when the mother is ready. I have known a woman to have this done nine years post birth and it was a very healing experience for her. The massage is started with some sifting of the hips with a rebozo, a rebozo is a mexican scarf. Followed by a massage on your abdomen, pelvis and hips. Finished off with some more sifting and then binding your hips with the rebozo and giving you some space to heal.

Closing the bones can also be done as a ceremony. Some women gather their friends or family, anyone who is close to her. They each bring a dish of food to create a wonderful
feast. While Mama is having her massage they gather and get the food ready. Once the
massage is complete they will eat the food and then the ceremony will follow. The mother will lie down on the floor and the people closest to her will wrap her up in rebozos and they may sing a song, read a poem, something that means something to the mum or something they may want to share with her. Then they unwrap her and the ceremony is complete.

I have just started practising the massage, so it normally costs around £60 to £75. I am offering it for the first 3 months for just £30. If I am your doula then the massage is free and included in my doula service prices. I did the closing the bones massage course with the wonderful Sophie Messager.

Please do email me at or call me 07821674326 If you would like to book me for the massage or if you would like to no more about the massage and what services I have to offer.