My name is Nicky and I am married to my lovely husband Ben. We have two children together, Joshua and Isabelle. We live in Leeds, West Yorkshire and life at the Collins house is wonderful – we have our┬ámoments like most families, but being a doula not only gives me time with you wonderful ladies and your families, but I get to be home a lot with my family too. So I feel very lucky to have the best of both worlds.

You might be wondering how and why I became a doula?

I fell pregnant with my second child, Isabelle, and it wasn’t until I fell pregnant that I realised how much my first birth had affected me. I had a long and what I found to be a traumatic birth, but I’d kept it to myself until now. I knew I had to do something and make a change this time round. I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy not fear it. So I took up pregnancy yoga and my teacher was a doula – a doula, I thought, what is that? I decided to Google and find out more about doulas and I soon realised that maybe I myself could benefit from having a doula.

I debriefed my first birth with her and I started to see birth in a different light. I started to feel different, I started to feel positive and in control. I educated myself about labour and birth with all the resources she had pointed me to. I realised that I actually knew nothing about birth or how our┬ábodies work during labour and birth. I knew I hadn’t had great support in my last pregnancy, being uninformed and not having options, probably contributed to my outcome, and why I felt my first birth was a traumatic experience.

Months went by and I started to relax, I felt positive that no two births are the same. I knew that I was going to make it different this time, and try my hardest to achieve the birth I wanted and deserved. In May 2014, I achieved my positive birth I’d been working so hard for. I truly believe that the changes I made and my positivity helped my outcome. I will be forever thankful to my lovely doula/yoga teacher, she is forever in my heart.

I was so inspired, my whole world completely changed round, that I wanted to share this knowledge with women who were just like me, feeling scared and alone. I wanted women to know that, with the right support and knowledge, birth is actually a miracle, our miracle! and that thousands of women birthed before us, and thousands of women will do it after us. Womens’ bodies are designed to give birth and what I realised was if my body knows how to grow my babies, then it sure knows how to birth them too.

I quit my job as a beauty specialist and I headed for Cambridge and completed the Developing Doulas course with the wonderful Maddie McMahon! She has taught me so much, and I will be for ever thankful.

I feel even though I’ve completed my course and I am a doula now, I am still learning everyday. I think in life that there is always something new to learn and I truly believe that no two births are ever the same. No two families that I work with are ever the same. We are all unique and want, and have different beliefs, and that is what I love about this job.

Please feel free to ask me anything else you would like to know about me at doulanicky86@gmail.com